A Celebration of Professor TC Melewar’s Contribution to Corporate Branding, Identity, Image and Journal, Special Issues

Corporate branding, identity, image and reputation have become of increasingly important in academic research and management practice. The growth has been driven in large part by the prodigious, prestigious research and publication output of Professor TC Melewar and colleagues over a couple of decades. From early work on corporate visual identity published in world-leading journals such as Journal of International Business Studies, as far back as the previous millennium, TC’s work has led the development of scales for corporate visual identity, progressing to a research agenda encompassing all aspects of corporate branding, identity, image and reputation across a wide spectrum of traditional and new channels. Leadership of the field has been assured through papers published in key journals such as Relevant Topics Review and globalisation applications in publications such as Journal of Global Marketing.

Colloquium venue

The colloquium will be held at Middlesex University London, where we have the bright
lights, theatres, shopping, historic sites and world-leading branding organisations on our doorstep, but without the expense and crowds of central London. London’s green belt is just a stone’s throw from our beautiful campus.

The colloquium will be held at Middlesex University London.

Suggested topics include but are not limited to

Corporate Reputation Review
(only papers that are related to corporate identity, including visual identity and
related aspects of identity)

Professor Charles Dennis

Professor Charles Dennis

Associate Colloquium Director
Professor TC Melewar

Professor TC Melewar

Colloquium Chair and Director
Dr Pantea Foroudi

Dr Pantea Foroudi

Associate Colloquium Director

Colloquium fees and registration

Please submit all abstracts to:
[email protected]

You may direct any registration enquiries about this colloquium to: [email protected]

Prices (in Pound sterling)
Early bird registration till 1st May 2023
Late registration after 1st May 2023
Ph.D. Student



Submission of extended abstracts opens: February 1 2023

Registration opens: February 1 2023

Deadline for the submission of extended abstracts: 15th June 2023

Feedback to authors on extended abstracts: 30th June 2023

Deadline for submission of full papers:  July 31st 2023

Keynote Speakers

Below is our keynote speakers scheduled for Cobiir 2023